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Technical Parameters

Seat max. width 530 mm
Seat max. length 1230 mm
Backrest max. width area 630 mm
Backrest max. length area 480 mm
Seat surface rise max. height 790 mm
Seat surface min. height 480 mm
Backrest angle 80°
Backrest horizontal tilt angle 15°
Weight 210 ㎏
Power AC : 110V AC : 220V
50/60 HZ 50/60 HZ
Power consumption 7A 5A
High-speed grinding machine air consumption 28 litre/mm ( 2.2 ㎏/c㎡ )
Slow grinding machine air consumption 45 litre/mm ( 4 ㎏/c㎡ )
Air suction device air consumption 45 litre/mm ( 4 ㎏/c㎡ )


  • LED light multi-stage adjustment light source
  • Multi-function foot pedal controller for fine-tuning the chair
  • Cantilever, pneumatic assisted braking system
  • Chair position drop safety touch switch
  • Quick release nozzle three-purpose spray gun * 2
  • Electronic X-ray film
  • Air negative pressure suction system
  • Water flow negative pressure weak suction system
  • One-piece nano-antibacterial ceramic enamel
  • Headrest with two-axis design
  • Seat can be rotated left and right
  • Infrared sensing automatic water supply system
  • Assistant control panel
  • Two water source switching
  • New LED lights can be adjusted at various angles
    New LED light, inductive multi-stage adjustment light source
    New LED switching between two sources ( sunlight 5300K, yellow light 4300K )
  • The surface of the one-piece ceramic crucible is bright and smooth, no dead angle design can inhibit bacteria and deodorize, and it can facilitate patient mouthwash at multiple angles.
  • Touch panel design for easy operation. All functions at a glance.
  • Three sets of computer memory chair design, easy to operate.
  • Chair position drop safety touch switch.
  • As long as you touch any seat button during the chair position, it will stop moving.
  • Infrared induction water heater has no traditional weight control.
  • One-piece 6-hole mobile phone rack, easy to clean, allowing doctors to operate freely.
  • The tension of the shadowless movable arm can be easily adjusted.
  • The multi-function foot pedal fine-tunes the chair position and has 2 sets of buttons. “O” mouth and “S” memory last patient chair.
  • Cantilever, pneumatic auxiliary brake system.
  • When the mobile phone starts, the chair position is safely powered off, avoiding accidental touch of the seat button.
  • The assistant can assist in the treatment of patients through the operation panel.
  • The seat can be rotated 30° to the left and right, which is conducive to the use of space by doctors during diagnosis and treatment.
  • Air negative pressure suction system and water flow negative pressure suction system.
  • The seat is designed for interlocking design and has an elevation angle of 15° for patients to increase their comfort.
  • ( Leader-B ) When the chair is back, the light will automatically light up, and the back of the chair will be extinguished.
  • ( Leader-B ) Spittoon Rotate 90 degrees for patients to spit.