What is root canal treatment? Root canal treatment is not the same as the so-called "nerve pumping" but a wider and more thorough treatment. The treatment steps include removing the pulp tissue, expanding the root canal system and completing the root canal filling and other steps. Teeth that have to be extracted traditionally can often be preserved by microscopic root canal treatment.

Diagnosis and Planning
Root canal treatment: first visit assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan difficulty and risk assessment, drafting.

1.Pure digital circuit magnetostrictive principle, more stable performance
2.Non-invasive periodontal treatment
3.Less heat generation at low voltage, ultra-high power performance
4.Simultaneous cleaning and polishing
5.The unique circular motion of the working tip
6.Touch all parts of the tooth surface without dead ends
7.Gently and effectively remove bacteria and calculus, low pain therapy
8.Maximum possible retention of regenerative tissue
9.Root cleaning until periodontal pocket bottom
10.No damage to soft tissue or tooth root
11.Root canal washing and sterilization
After root canal treatment: regular visits, or re-operation, or re-treatment.