• 1938
    In order to promote the popularization of oral hygiene and medical treatment in Taiwan, the first Chinese dental equipment manufacturing factory was established in Taiwan and Taichung, named: Dayang Dental Machinery Factory, and created the T-Y brand, which was the first in Asia at that time. A consistent manufacturer of dental chairs and equipment, the founder has laid a solid production technology foundation for Taiwan's dental industry by adhering to the concept of quality and localization.
  • 1988
    Under the deep and solid manufacturing technology, in 1984, we optimized Taiwan's first one-piece dental treatment table, ophthalmic treatment table, optometry chair and other related medical equipment under the innovative design of research and development, and successfully entered the Chinese market , to provide products to more medical units for use. And get more praise from the market.
  • 1991
    Dayang Dental Machinery Factory was reloccated in Wuri county, Taichung in 1991 in order to expand the business needs of production and sales. The product models are UZ-30, UZ-56 and other dental treatment chairs, and a machining department was established to optimize product quality.
  • 1993
    Kuang Yeu Corporation was established in combination with the Dayang Dental Machinery Factory established in 1938. Based on its excellent manufacturing technology and continuous R&D and innovation, it launched a variety of multi-functional dental comprehensive treatment chairs "KY Series", the models of which are KY-526 and KY-528. , KY-826 and other products, and cooperated with an overseas advanced optical research centers to produce Taiwan's first oral laser equipment, which solves more problems for dentists in oral surgery.
  • 1998
    Kuang Yeu, relying on the entrepreneurial spirit of striving for perfection, has established a rigorous quality manufacturing process, and introduced new concepts with the latest technology to meet the quality needs of customers. Based on the expansion of the global market, the production area of the factory has been expanded. increase. At the same time, it also produces models Frontier and Century in the market.
  • 2000
    At the beginning of the new millennium Kuang Yeu has obtained the ISO-9001 international quality system certification with the hard work of all employees, and has continuously evolved and smoothly marketed its products to the global multi-national market.
  • 2003
    In order to improve the production environment and expand business needs, Kuang Yeu Corporation entered the Taichung Industrial Zone to expand the production area of the factory to 7,500 square meters. Taichung City Industrial Park is the entire Taiwan precision machinery science park. The company introduced micro-precision processing technology to make the overall research and development results more refined, and responded to the government's good manufacturing practices for medical equipment, and obtained GMP certification. At this time, Kuang Yeu's treatment chairs have been sold to many countries in the world.
  • 2005
    Obtained the sales license of medical equipment and other related accessories from the Ministry of Health of the Taiwan Executive Yuan. In the same year, the dental products also obtained the American medical electrical safety test certification "ETL". In order to continue the superior competition of products, actively invest in the research and development of dental-related components and optimization. electromechanical integration.
  • 2009
    Obtained UNITECH IS0-13485 certification, and purchased more advanced digital processing machines to improve processing quality and production efficiency, so that products continue to evolve.
  • 2011
    “Kuang Yeu Company" treatment chair model:Leader, K-7, Frontier, and Century obtained medical electrical safety certification EN60601, and cooperated with the government's medical biotechnology development policy, and invested in the research and development of high-end dental comprehensive treatment units.
  • 2012
    “Kuang Yeu Company" was changed to “Kuang Yeu Medical Co., Ltd.", in order to increase the international market share, set up a branch in the Kaohsiung Science and Technology Biomedical Park, cultivate talents in the central and southern regions and create more advanced medical technology.
  • 2015
    In order to move towards an international medical biotechnology development strategy and global industrial transformation, the company will focus on personnel training and product line diversification and expansion as key development projects. And communicate with German advanced dental equipment production company to import German production technology in Taiwan, produce and sell European standard products.
  • 2016
    With the popularization of high-tech electronics, Kuang Yeu will introduce innovative electronic digitization concepts into existing high-quality dental products, combine dental products with modern technology, create intelligent and humanized dental products, and advance the dental industry Take a big step forward.
  • 2017
    We integrate multi-functional applications to allow users to operate products more efficiently and accurately. With the integration of innovative application functions of products, we are developing towards the direction of medical intelligence to cope with the advent of the digital era of dentistry.
  • 2018
    In order to create more and more advanced dental equipment and promote business in the global dental market, Kuang Yeu Corporation approached the acquisition of the VICTOR brand and Gonglifu manufacturing plant of the Italian Cefla Group in Suzhou, China in 2018, and made the entire dental equipment more complete and diverse change.
  • 2019
    In response to the invasion of the new crown virus, we have developed equipment such as intelligent disinfection robots, oral droplet aspirators, and air purifiers to make contributions under the plague of the epidemic.
  • 2022
    We pay more attention to the best operating posture of the dentist when operating the dental treatment chair, so as to prevent the dentist from working for a long time and may be injured due to bad sitting posture. Standing operation is the best operating posture of the dentist. We have developed a product that allows the dentist to stand The operation of the treatment chair, and the mobile trolley that can be adjusted in height and quickly rise and fall, together with the intelligent touch panel and the best ergonomic surgeon's chair, can bring a safe and reliable medical environment for dentists.
  • 2023
    The company will use technology and innovation to improve the quality of medical equipment, increase the development of ophthalmic treatment chairs, and improve ophthalmic medical technology. It is willing to "become the most high-quality medical equipment manufacturer in the industry."
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