Build Total Solutions for Dentists
Kuang Yeu  Corporation is a professional manufacturer of oral equipment and instruments. Its products are specialized in dental comprehensive treatment chairs and instrument accessories. It can be developed and produced in cooperation with you to professionally tailor the most suitable dental products for you. The product portfolio we can provide can establish a comprehensive solution for dentists, from dental products to instrument accessories and dental care measurement products.
The original intention of the company was to improve the precision of dental equipment, create high-quality products, and provide the most reasonable and fair sales relationship. For this reason, we continued the Dayang Dental Machinery Factory which  was found n 1938, and based on its strong manufacturing technology  backgroundand , plus the company's i business philosophy,  of innovative and R&D, we are constantly innovating and developing new products, and have been cooperating with dentists professional suggestion. This  is to let us better understand the process of products for the entire clinical use, and to improve the production quality  to meet customer needs. So far, Kuang Yeu's products have been used in various counties and cities in Taiwan, and sales s territory has expended to to more than 20 countries around the world due to  high-performance products with its professional technology .