Consistent production process
The high-quality structure and standardized operation process enable the product to achieve stable quality and improve production efficiency in mass production! Kuang Yeu  Company implements every detail in this operation process, and strictly controls and implements it to ensure the excellent quality of products and the evolution of quality.

Precise processing flow
Pursuing excellent quality to meet customers' needs is the philosophy that Coslight focuses on. For this reason, Coslight uses the most modern CNC comprehensive processing machinery and other precision equipment to improve the accuracy of the size of the parts, achieve quality assurance, and make the product structure more reliable!

Technology research and development of products
In order to adapt to international trends, Kuang Yeu has never stagnated in R&D and design. We have absorbed valuable opinions from many parties and cooperated with the government's industry-university cooperation plan to continuously optimize existing products and continuously update and innovate future products. Kuang Yeu provides a small amount of power to improve human oral behavior.E xcellent products come from excellent design! Kuang Yeu's continuous innovation and research and development make the products own advanced functions, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of the products!

Strict control of incoming and outgoing goods
Kuang Yeu Medical  Co., Ltd. has obtained the international ISO 9001 professional certification. All goods stored in  Kuang Yeu must go through strict process operation and high-quality assurance to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.